Pre-Race BRIX ?

Hi All, The weather forecast is for the sun to appear around 5:40 PM...precisely ??? Is there anybody that would like to take this prediction to the test?  The air is quite cool today and the water I believe was 19c yesterday or the day before... (I'm loosing track (these 5 am mornings are catching … Continue reading Pre-Race BRIX ?


BRIX@at a different time & place

Hi All, We have some members heading to races the next two weekends - and one of them is Aylesford Triathlon so we're moving the BRIX workout for tonight to Lake Aylesford and starting at 5:30.  The bike rack will be there for a chance to fully practice both transitions and get to know that … Continue reading BRIX@at a different time & place

Sunday Swim

Shhhhsh! Don't tell anybody but the sun is supposed to be out later today and the beach at Aylesford Lake has lifeguards until 6 PM.  Hope to see club member out for a lake & ready to swim at 5:30 PM.


Meeting at the Juice Factory at the corner of Starrs Point Road and Collins Road in Port Williams this evening.  No vehicle to bring the bike rack in this evening so we'll get right into intervals.  CYA there!