About Us

BMC is a group of mostly recreational athletes that enjoy active lifestyles and sport. While we are passionate about triathlon and the activities associated with triathlon and duathlon we are an adventurous lot and enjoy a host of fitness promoting pastimes with other like minded souls. We pride ourselves on being a club that caters to the diverse needs of all levels of fitness enthusiasts and athletes; from beginners to very experienced, and from young to older adult we welcome all.

BMC is active year round, with group sessions in three main disciplines of swimming, biking and running. Most sessions are open to all current members and user pay training programs are offered when coaching and leadership is available. BMC shares members with the many other specialized groups in the Valley, encouraging members to participate in swim, bike, run and other cross training offerings that work best for them.  For distance members we offer password protected swim workouts that are posted on this website.  Much more than that, we are a fun-loving group who can be found socializing as a group as often as training & playing together. Join us!

2016/2017 Board Members & Executive

  • President: Caroline Whitby
  • Secretary: Chris Arsenault
  • Karen Outerleys
  • Phil Outerleys
  • Shelley Parsons
  • Tanya McInnis

BMC Seasonal Programs

  • Fall (Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec) – RI2F, L2S, BRIX, Strength Dryland, Swim@Acadia
  • Winter (Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr) – Coached Cyling + Run Off The Bike Brick @Banks, Swim@Acadia
  • Spring (May/June) – KidsTri, L2Tri, BRIX, Swim@Acadia
  • Summer (July/Aug) – KidsTri, RI2F, BRIX, Open Water Swimming

RI2F (Run into Fall) – 16-week training program from June-Oct to guide runners in the preparation for Valley Harvest Marathon and or the Sole Sisters event in Halifax.

L2S (Learn to Swim) – 6-weeks Swim Fit, Skills & Improvement for teens and adults (details to announce soon – expected to begin in mid April @ Acadia)

BRIX (Run/Bike) – Group Ride + Run@various locations in the valley.  Expected to begin as soon as the weather permits.  All abilities and first sessions will be bike skills and etiquette.

Tuesday Track Nights – Expected to start up again as soon as weather permits.  Suitable for all levels.

L2TRI (Learn to Tri) – For beginners in any or all of the three disciplines. Participants receive a training plan to follow that includes coached workouts as well as workouts to do on their own in preparation to take part in a “Try-a-Tri” event. However, there is NO expectation that participants must enter an event.

OWSC (Open Water Swim Clinics) – TBA and when open water is “tolerable” temperature.

Why should I join a club?

Most of us will benefit from having a social environment to keep us interested and motivated for our physical activity. Never underestimate the power of FUN! in our fitness endeavors. We are also more likely to enjoy our workouts and experience improvement with guidance from qualified coaches and the shared experience of team mates. All ages, abilities and experience are encouraged to join the club.

How do I join?

Come to a session and give it a “TRI”. You will find out more about us. Membership for 2017/2018 will likely open April 15th.  Until then come on out and join us!

Do you have to be a triathlete or plan to do a triathlon to join?

No. Lots of people join the club as a way to improve their fitness level, learn about the individual sports and triathlons.  At every practice, there are people at a wide variety of speeds and skill levels but you should know how to:

  • ride a bike (even if the last time you did it was as a kid)
  • swim a length of the pool even if a flotation device (Don’t worry if your technique is the pits. That’s why we work together!)
  • walk/run 1km (any speed)

What about fancy equipment?

There are riders with elite bicycles right next to people who dusted off an old bike from the attic.  Some people wear fancy bike shoes; others wear sneakers. If you’re looking for help choosing new equipment, we are full of advice! If you just want to get a feel for it and improve your fitness, bring whatever is convenient and comfortable.

I’m still not sure……

No problem – Feel free to contact us, like us on Facebook, drop in at a practice, meet the group, and try it out.